Pile foundation

Pile foundation
Pile foundation
Pile foundation

Pile foundation

- Can I install a greenhouse without a foundation?

You can, but we recommend using the foundation, as it:

  1. Serves as a support for the frame, provides rigidity to the base.
  2. Provides resistance to snow and wind loads, serves as an anchor for the greenhouse.
  3. Increases the overall height and volume of the greenhouse.

Piles are made of galvanized pipe, have a grip for fastening to the base of the greenhouse and an anchor that goes into the ground.

Advantages of a pile foundation:

  • Long-lasting, durable
  • Secure attachment of the greenhouse to the ground
  • Does not reduce the usable area inside the greenhouse
  • Easy installation


  • It does not create a solid perimeter in the greenhouse, does not form beds, unlike a timber foundation.
  • Installation only in the thawed earth and in the soil that is easily dug (without gravel, stones, etc.).

The pile is our patented product (patents here). Copying, production and distribution without the permission of the copyright holder is prohibited!

Options for installing a greenhouse on piles


Basic set of piles (economy)
Includes: for greenhouses 3x4 - 8 piles, 3x6-10 piles, 3x8-12 piles. This set of piles is used to save money.

Reinforced kit

Reinforced kit of pile 
Includes: for greenhouses 3x4-14 piles, 3x6-18 piles, 3x8-22 piles. Such a foundation eliminates the deformation of the frame under the weight of the snow cap. It does not require additional supports. 100% quality.

Other additional products

Feedback and questions

review author
Hurray! I’ve got an awesome greenhouse „Tudor“ on my patch! It’s decorated in white. The size‘s 3*4 meters, the height of the greenhouse is 2,74 m and of the sidewall is 1.92m. Can you believe it? It’s as spacious as a room! Instead of a standard door I equipped it with sliding doors. My greenhouse is installed on a steel foundation - that’s really modern and durable, which is not unimportant. I also ordered some steel beds in different sizes for growing greens and vegetables. Be sure to buy a hanging shelf and a table. It’s really handy! They’re easy to install and remove and there’s no need to drill or screw anything. In a word, I’m really pleased and strongly recommend the company. They operate clearly and quickly but most importantly- qualitatively.
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